Garima Jha

Freelance writer, speaker and thinker

The author is here to share her thoughts and observations on Literature, Life , Art, Culture and History with special focus on how people communicate and how communication has a profound impact on our existence, expression, identity and social interaction.

Most of the articles, essays or short stories will revolve around topics like ‘Non-Verbal Communication’, ‘Public Speaking ‘, ‘ Speaking for Employment ‘, Resume building and Employment Communication ‘, ‘Leadership Goals and Communication Styles’, ‘Emotional Intelligence’, Language and Meaningful Communication’, ‘Communication and Self-Motivation’, ‘Communication Skills and Relationship Building’, ,’Confidence through Communication’, etc.

Section on ‘Creating Stories through Word Images’ will feature short poems, stories and memoirs that will throw light on the creative side of communication.

The author will delve on personal, sensitive and universal aspects of human communication like ‘Hope’, ‘Fear’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Human aspirations’. Let us not forget that these are the stuff that form the foundation of our existence . The secret recipe for smart communication is made of these very ingredients.

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