About   the Author


The author is an academic based in India.  Experienced Business Communication expert, the author has trained and successfully guided graduate and Post Graduate students to achieve excellence in communication. Based on her experience and expertise, the author  is here to share her thoughts and observations on how people communicate and how communication can be used as a tool to achieve personal and professional growth. Key areas of her training and lectures  include themes like ‘ Leadership Goals and Communication Styles’, ‘Success, Emotional Intelligence and Meaningful Communication’, ‘Communication Strategies and Marketing ‘, Communication Skills and  Relationship Building’,  ‘Confidence through Communication’, ‘Creating Stories through Word Images’ and All You Need for Creative Writing’.

Anyone aiming to achieve original, genuine and clear expression in business and day to day communication will find this site useful. The site will guide you through basic skills of communication like speaking, listening, reading and writing. Here you will find simple solutions to all your queries related to communication.

If you are looking for skills of public speaking, professional writing, resume building or cracking an interview or just interested to improve your communication then you are at the right place.

Moreover, this site will offer precious insights on special aspects of personal and interpersonal communication like ‘Hope’, ‘Fear’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Human aspirations’. Remember they are the stuff that make us Human. The secret recipe for smart communication is made of these very ingredients that are at the root of all successful communication.

Feel free to contact the author for personal queries or professional advise. You are invited to participate and voice your opinion. Your opinion is valuable.


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