Spontaneous Sparks

Where is My Strength?

Where is my strength? Where is it?

In the flowing waters of the holy river, in the gilded pillars of eternity

Or the buried bones of the long dead?

Oh the name engraved on my soul! the age old sagas of courage and battle fierce told and retold;

The heroic wars and bloody trails;

Towns plundered , thousands slaughtered,

The golden crown dazzled with honour?

Or the words of wisdom ,the verbal fencing matches that chastised and subdued many a victims…

Hurts and humiliations hurled at them, through nasty abuses and newly found slang.

With books and pen, tools of learning and temples of education

The bridges I made, the hurdles I laid

And forgot the ingredients of which I was made

The chains of civilization…where are they?

The tools of modern technology,

the Googles, the Twitters and Facebook

Millions sharing the common platform

Or being an island with ocean all around?

The armors of gold, the palatial  chambers,

Is it the number of cards I hold, the My possessions,

My luxuries, indulgence as never foretold…

Or the  shallow praises and false applause

As I drive across those barren fields;

I dash,  I dive, I jump , I glide,

I fall, I rise…

The speed is my strength

If I could bridge the rift and prevent the conflict

Relive my journey, trod the path and miss the goal

Behold ! what I see, the blossoms in my hand

grief in theirs…

The hunger-stricken children, the ailing millions

the disillusioned youth, the ailing generation,

Empty vessels, Extinguished hearths

Unfinished dreams, uninspired wings!

But to me , my glory, my life , my desire

Ah ! victory, I am the emperor

Rest is a lost Empire.


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