She woke up profusely sweating and horror _stricken. Her otherwise glowing face smeared with ash and blood . Her hair usually tied in a neat bun was disheveled.  Her  half torn blue handbag was lying by her side. She appeared perturbed. She still tightly held the slender shoulder strip in her palm and frequently touched the blackened piece of paper that was half protruding out of the bag. Then she shuddered and broke down violently.  The outburst slowly gave way to somber sobbing. The sole memory that she was left with was this handbag which she was carrying when her life was shattered. In the bag was the family frame. You could spot her in her blue  stone studded gown and hair smoothly tied with blue ribbon with the blue bag in the center of the family frame. To her left was a man with dusky eyes, large forehead and grey hair around his temple. He was quite tall and well dressed. Next to him was a small girl of about 10 years of age looking pretty in her pink top. In her lap was a black and white spotted dalmatian with sparkling black eyes. To her right was an elegant lady in silver grey satin evening dress. She had a bunch of flowers in her hand which further glorified her vivacious presence. Tears relentlessly dropped down her dark eyes and the picture was drenched as she desperately tried preserving the precious possession by throwing a handkerchief over it. After a long silence she cried horror ….horror! the hysterical cries died down with her falling back to unconsciousness.

The traumatic mishap had brought her to this miserable state. The grief and shock had overpowered her senses. Her life was paralyzed, faith fractured, pain inconsolable. The only question that haunted her mind was why? What was their fault? What had they done?

They just wanted to live , to love, to care, to be loved! Their desires worldly, their dreams simple, their lives ordinary. Who gave the right and reason to snatch their lives? Which religion, class or country professes the propagation of crime or cruelty? Are handful of armed demons so mighty , so powerful so controlling that they can control our lives? Will these perpetrators of terror choose to leave us dead or alive? Yes they do! They want to create fear. Let them not succeed in their dark motives.

Can humanity bow down to such destructive forces of terrorism? Meetings, mourning, protests ….is this the only answer that we have to offer to blood bath and reign of terror? No, they are just a fraction of us. We are the ambassadors of humanity, custodians of life , love and dignity. Can terrorism survive when humanity reigns supreme on earth.

Wipe your tears because tears make you weak. Fight your fears because fear brings defeat.  Raise your arms in prayer but not in surrender. Speak , act, but do not be silenced.  Let us act and not sit back. Unity is our sole strength.

Let courage be yours. Join hands to fight against terrorism. Challenge those who challenge your life and the life of your loved ones. Kill your fear or fear will kill you.

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