Perfect Elevator Pitch to Introduce Yourself in an Interview


Elevator speech is the the shortest, smartest and brightest way to summarise and present your skills and achievements to the interviewer. It is no longer than 60 seconds and hence it demands absolute clarity, conciseness and brevity. Your ability to introduce and market yourself while highlighting your strong points, exhibiting your positive attitude and demonstrating your strength of purpose will be a true testimony to your previously quoted skills on your resume'.

How Not to Write Business Messages

Business messages play a significant role in stimulating the work environment. They are that underlying pillar of communication which can help develop a strong bond between the team members, clients, business partners and stake holders. Unfortunately written communication is not taken seriously by most employees. Consequently, everyday we come across shabbily written emails, hurriedly composed messages, grammatically incorrect sentences, unformatted documents and business letters without greetings or proper salutations. Such poorly written business messages are both costly and disasterous to the business. They might lead to grave misunderstanding among the involved parties or delay or damage the intended outcome.