How Silence Becomes a Powerful Non-Verbal Tool of Communication?

Silence is golden‘, is what we have always known but do we also know that silence is a type of Non-verbal Communication?

Keep silence‘ can be seen on signages in hospitals or reading rooms.

Finger on your lips‘ or ‘Pin drop silence‘ are commonly used idioms in kindergarten or primary schools.

In public speaking platforms the anchor always announces ” Ladies and gentlemen, please put your mobiles on silent mode”and while travelling by air we are requested “to put our mobiles on silent mode.”

So whoever said that silence doesn’t speak?

Silence on the bank of a river is tranquility, silence on the hill top is meditation, silence in the lap of mother nature is divine.

Silence in a prayer service is repect, silence in condolence is homage, silence in classrooms is discipline, silence in hospitals is consideration, silence in argument is wisdom, silence in anger is pain, silence in pain is patience, silence in peace is an agreement, silence in solitude is contemplation.

Silence is powerful but silence in injustice is cowardice. Silence is strength, silence is hope but staying silent against wrong is weakness.

Silence is cold, chilling and frightening in fear, misery and death.

In love, silence is beautiful. When the eyes speak and the heart listens silence is bliss. Silence then becomes faith, silence in love becomes trust.

The language of silence is not words , not sounds, not metre nor syllables, it is deeper language of heart and mind. It is an expression of emotions which are strong and profound.

Silence speaks if you have ears to listen and heart to feel. Keep listening!

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