Self Motivation and Intrapersonal Communication

Communication is both Intrapersonal and Extra personal.

Intrapersonal communication is an act of communicating with oneself. It is like connecting to one’s mind and connecting to one’s soul. We are surrounded by multiple external voices. We talk, we discuss, we argue, we listen, we respond to all sources of external communication. What remains neglected is our interaction with our own self.

Conscience is the inner voice that speaks to us, guides us and empowers us. It is honest, unadulterated, unaltered. It prepares us to confront our fears and accept the truth. The conscience does not lie to us. It is bold, blunt and brazen.

We choose to shut our ears and close our eyes to the voice of conscience. Yes , we make a choice. We are driven by falsity, favouritism, frivolity and feebleness of mind.

So why not confront the inner world with more courage? Why run, why escape, why ignore? The inner voice is a souls’ search for truth, identity and wholeness.

Most of the time we keep hearing the word ‘Motivation’ in our lives. What is motivation?

If we plan a health regimen and start working on it, it is the will to achieve a goal. If we remain dedicated we will realise the goal sooner or later. If expectations do not meet reality the initial spark is lost. As time passes and we still see ourselves away from our destination, the determination weakens. If this happens, the outer voices grow louder. The desire to get liberated from the strict rules and discipline reigns stronger. If we give in to such temptations we give up .

We have to make this choice whether to give up or get going. We all know that it is always difficult to take the road less traversed. So the qualities of refrain, restrain and resolve can help us to conquer the temptation. How to observe restrain and how to be firm in our resolve? This is the next question that needs to be answered.

To answer this I would share an anecdote.The world today is facing the biggest global challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused panic and havoc, taken lives, devasted the most advanced societies, doomed economies, drowned businesses, left people hungry and hopeless. Most countries are in a state of lockdown, battling a deadly and invisible enemy.

Stuck in the lockdown people are facing innumerable problems. While the lockdown strategy seems to be the most effective solution, at the moment to contain the spread of vitus and restrict community transmission, it is not a completely cruelty free solution. The poor, people below poverty line, the migrant workers have been worst affected by the pandemic. Left without food and shelter they are at the mercy of the government and the philanthropy of the social workers or NGO’s. Their struggle to survive is an endless tale of pain and suffering.

In such moments of grief and misery, can hollow words of consolation and sympathy soothe the aching hearts? The torment of depravity and fear of death constantly hovers over them. If not the disease, than hunger would surely devour these not so privileged sections of society. It is hard to find a ray of hope in such utter darkness. Images of these people viral on internet and in media walking back thousands of kilometres to their homes are not only disheartening but also disturbing. Taking a drastic step as this is an example of human will to survive, to fight back , to respond to calamity. It is not a question of right or wrong, it is an attempt to survive, a desperate attempt to stay safe and stay alive. My emphasis here is on human response to threats. Perhaps this was the best they could do. The effort matters, the attempt counts.

What will sustain them? How can they overcome this disastrous situation? Intrapersonal communication and self-motivation are the key. It may sound idealistic and irrational but if this works , solutions will follow.

I recently met an old woman well in her early seventies in a nearby grocery store. She stays alone. The lockdown times are not easy for such septuagenarians. Struggling to accomplish the daily chores, self-care and isolation can become a huge challenge in old age without support and help. I expressed my concern and enquired how she was managing things.

Smiling, she answered, child, after completing every task I tell myself “You are a winner”, I keep repeating to myself, “Wow! You are amazing, you did it again!”, ” Keep it up! keep it up!” Sometimes, I whisper to myself, “This shall also pass. Let not the trials dampen your spirits, let not the weakness overcome your strength! ”

I could not help but marvel at her courage and composure. Her attitude was inspiring, her hope contagious.

On my way back home, I felt a renewed sense of contentment. Though the future is uncertain but the present can be made more liveable. Instead of fearing the unknown, we should hold on to faith, to light, to love, to compassion and to courage. All this is possible through the awakening of the inner voice. Let the inner voice guide you. Sometimes it can overrule the logic that tells you of your worst fears. Only the inner voice can act as a saviour for it speaks against all odds, it gives power to believe in the unbelievable, to imagine the unimaginable, to do the impossible.

Make a road of possibilities. Hunger and starvation is a curse but your thoughts can sometimes lead to more powerful actions than you can ever think of.

Stay positive, be a fighter! Keep alive the lamps of hope. You are stronger than you know.