Time Management Tips for Achieving Success in Life

Time Management

Imagine if the schools had no schedule and we were made to sit in classrooms without breaks, without recess, with no time restrictions. Lectures would go on and on. The school would be a total chaos. Teachers would fight for time, students would pray for time and authorities would demand for extra time. There would be clashes, conflicts and arguments for time, the lack of time or for forced overtime. We would be lost in time or rather we would be at a loss for time.

Value Time for Time is Precious:

Time has no expiry date.’Yes , this might sound contrary to common place observation but it is time that is immortal. It ceases to exist for us but it survives instances and circumstances, ravages and catastrophies.

Time transcends from one moment to another. It keeps pace with the physical changes and its external surroundings. Time moulds itself according to the changing environment. It embraces the habits, customs and tastes of the new generation. As a consequence we have Industrial Age, Modern Age, Post -Modern and Digital Age. Time becomes sturdy, with each invention and every new discovery. How ? It happens simply because it stands the test of time.

Each moment is priceless, precious whether you stand still in a moment or make hay while the sun shines. As we know Time and tide wait for none. So we must also realise that Every minute that runs to waste is unrecoverable. The wiseman thus preach, ” A Stitch in time saves nine.” So it is wise to stop procrastinating and start managing time. Keep moving with the wheels of time.

Why Manage Time?

Time management is the need of the hour. When everying in our world is speedy and action packed, it will be sloppy to stay behind and run behind schedule. Our time is bound by someone else’s time so it is not our sole property . It is also important to save time for we need time for not one but many things we desire to achieve in a day.

Plan and Prioritise for achieving your goals:

Prioritising the tasks and sequencing them according to the degree of their urgency or need can prove highly rewarding:

  1. Keep a planner
  2. Prepare a to- do list
  3. Divide work into small targets
  4. Keep your goals short and achievable
  5. Strive to meet the deadlines
  6. Stay focussed yet stay cool
  7. Keep some time aside to relax or meditate.
  8. Stick to the rule ‘ First things first,’ and value your priorities.
  9. Learn your lessons . Avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  10. Seek help from others where necessary

Observing the tips given above will assist in timely completion of the tasks as well as allow the luxury to sit back and relax.

Time management has many benefits :

  1. It simplifies the job
  2. Increases output
  3. Minimizes errors
  4. reduces stress
  5. Improves relations
  6. Helps in reputation management
  7. Saves time which can be invested for self- growth and personal development

Value time and claim your time.


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