#Listen, Speak, Read, Write#

Dr. Jha has a Doctorate in English. An experienced teacher with over 20 years of experience in higher education and learning she has been teaching Business English and Professional Communication in various academic institutions. She is venturing into freelance writing and blogging to stay connected with her people on a larger platform and develop a global perspective on human communication and life. She has developed this website to have a conversation with you on Communication.

This blog is an outcome of her experience, expertise and persistent pursuit for knowledge and creative expression

The author is happy to share some of her thoughts and observations on work, life and human relations with special emphasis on business communication.


She firmly believes that a person’s communication skills and language competence act like catalysts in promoting both his personal and professional growth. Communication skills have been cited among the top five skills that are important for success, survival and sustenance in a highly competitive and dynamic environment in which we live today.


Articles in this blog are written primarily to make the reader aware of the rising demand for good communication skills in jobs, interviews, industry and various corporate opportunities. The attempt is to address the important issues through short, crisp and clear expression to help the reader understand the importance of communication and equip himself with basic skills of communication. This shall serve as extremely useful reading platform for anyone who is aiming to develop his speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The blog shall also concentrate upon aspects of personality development.

We cannot imagine our existence without communication. Communication is the necessary tool to improve our efficiency, performance and personal relations.


The aim is to help the readers understand the basic components of language or what we term as the LSRW Skills

1. L- listening

2. S- Speaking

3. R- Reading

4. W- Writing


Topics like ‘Non-Verbal communication’, ‘Public speaking ‘, Professional writing” Interview and employment communication’, ‘Leadership and team building’, ‘Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Communication and Self-Motivation’, ‘Communication and psychology’among others will be discussed to provide the reader a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the multiple issues related with communication.

Section on ‘Creating Stories through Word Images’ will feature short poems, stories and memoirs that will throw light on the creative side of communication.

The author will delve on personal, sensitive and universal aspects of human communication like ‘Hope’, ‘Fear’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Human aspirations’. Let us not forget that these are the stuff that form the foundation of our existence . The secret recipe for smart communication is made of these very ingredients.

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