Dr Garima Jha

Business Communication Area

Dr Garima Jha is an experienced teacher of English language, literature of English and Business Communication. She has been associated with several academic institutions in higher learning and education as a member of faculty of Arts, humanities and Applied Sciences. She has actively participated in seminars, workshops and conferences and presented research papers in International conferences.

Jha specializes in teaching Business English and Professional Communication. She has conducted workshops on Communication for college graduates and postgraduates. She has also edited college newsletters and magazines and brought forward a Journal of Language, Literature and Literary Theory. She seeks to learn and expand her horizons of understanding by engaging in literary, creative and academic work.

Presently she is residing in India and actively engaged in blogging and freelancing. She is curious about poetry and creative writing which is much close to her heart and an important part of her life. Besides reading and writing, Dr Jha is interested in history, art, culture and human psychology.

Through her blog she is keen to share her observation on how Business communication is an important area of our lives and how communication is the key phenomenon behind human growth and achievement.