What the Recruiters Look for in a job Interview : Facts Every Candidate Should Know

Interview is a formal interaction between job recruiters and job seekers. Though formal it focuses on the personal traits, qualifications and skills of an individual. It is therefore also called a Personal Interview. Personal Interview broadly examines the suitability of an individual to play a specific role in an organisation and perform a set of … Continue reading What the Recruiters Look for in a job Interview : Facts Every Candidate Should Know

How Perception Acts as a Barrier in Communication

Create a bridge of understanding to overcome Barriers in Communication Communication is not just a process of sharing messages but also ensuring that the message is understood by the recipient. There will always be gaps in understanding because each person has a distinct ability to understand the meaning. This ability based on his educational and … Continue reading How Perception Acts as a Barrier in Communication

Time Management Tips for Achieving Success in Life

Time Management Imagine if the schools had no schedule and we were made to sit in classrooms without breaks, without recess, with no time restrictions. Lectures would go on and on. The school would be a total chaos. Teachers would fight for time, students would pray for time and authorities would demand for extra time. … Continue reading Time Management Tips for Achieving Success in Life

What is Business Communication?

Language is almost as old as human existence. Language keeps evolving along with the changes in social and cultural components of human life. The present world is driven by Business, trade and technology. The language of business is different from the language of day to day life. Therefore, it is important to familiarise oneself with … Continue reading What is Business Communication?

Recognise and Nurture Your Talent Do flowers in your garden speak to you? They are truly silent harbingers of hope and joy. The bright and beautiful colours are a representation of the many colours of life. They are the song of nature. Each flower is unique in its colour scheme , shape and size yet it adds to the beauty of the garden. Just like these flowers we humans have our unique set of skills and talents. A large variety of flowers make the garden more sprightly and amazing. Likewise every individual can make the world more beautiful and meaningful through his contribution. When we identify our skills and nurture them, they will not go unnoticed just like the fragrance of the flowers cannot be contained. It will spread around. Sharpen your skills and shine like a star. A new year marks the start of new beginnings. The flowers wither and die but new flowers are born. What we loose in the swings , we gain in the Merry-go – rounds. As you create new stories, may your spitits soar higher. Every end is the sign of rebirth, of renewal, of revival, of regeneration. Revive, Regenerate, Rejoice. Blossom in the garden of life! Happy New Year!


Culture, Environment, Communication and Social Distancing

In 1968, Sir Edward T. Hall a renowned American anthropologist and cross- cultural researcher gave the concept of Proxemics and explained the role of space and distance in human communication. In his thoroughly researched work on culture, cultural context, language and communication he described how communication operates at different levels based on social, emotional and … Continue reading Culture, Environment, Communication and Social Distancing

Success is not Chasing a Dream

Success is not chasing the dreams, it is all about shaping dreams. Dreaming big is not enough, living your dreams through perseverance should be your goal. Every tiny step you take is a big leap forward. The obstacles that you encounter are not hindrances, they are the milestones that you conquer on the way. The … Continue reading Success is not Chasing a Dream

Perfect Elevator Pitch to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

On Cracking the Interview

# Listen, Speak, Read, Write #

How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview?

The opening question in almost all interviews is “Introduce Yourself ” or “Tell us Something about Yourself.” While this appears to be the simplest question to answer, it is in fact the trickiest to handle. The question is taken lightly by most candidates. The Pre-interview preparation involves huge preparation on technical questions, situational/ behavioural questions or other skill based questions. However less attention is paid to the candidates personal introduction.

If a candidate can satisfactorily answer the question ‘Tell me about Yourself ?”, half the battle is already won. So what does the Introduction do? We can say it serves 4 major purposes:

1) It reflects your level of Self-awareness

2) It reveals your Self-confidence

3) It is a good opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills

4) It can help steer the interview discussion towards your side

How do  these things affect the…

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