Thoughts are Powerful: Think Wisely, Act Smartly

Power of Thoughts A change in perspective can lead to miraculous transformation. Thoughts can hurt or heal the mind. We become what we think. So, it is imperative that we think positively. Positive thoughts act like anchors that hold us when the ship is sinking. They alleviate us from difficulties. Listen 🎶 to the audio … Continue reading Thoughts are Powerful: Think Wisely, Act Smartly


Leadership Goals: Myth and Perception

Leadership is not about controlling and micromanaging people. It is more about bringing out the best in them by understanding them, knowing them, allowing them to grow and evolve. This is possible only when a leader overcomes perception and views his people as they are not as he wants them to be. Listen to the … Continue reading Leadership Goals: Myth and Perception

Time Management Tips for Achieving Success in Life

Time Management Imagine if the schools had no schedule and we were made to sit in classrooms without breaks, without recess, with no time restrictions. Lectures would go on and on. The school would be a total chaos. Teachers would fight for time, students would pray for time and authorities would demand for extra time. … Continue reading Time Management Tips for Achieving Success in Life

What is Business Communication?

Language is almost as old as human existence. Language keeps evolving along with the changes in social and cultural components of human life. The present world is driven by Business, trade and technology. The language of business is different from the language of day to day life. Therefore, it is important to familiarise oneself with … Continue reading What is Business Communication?

Success is not Chasing a Dream

Success is not chasing the dreams, it is all about shaping dreams. Dreaming big is not enough, living your dreams through perseverance should be your goal. Every tiny step you take is a big leap forward. The obstacles that you encounter are not hindrances, they are the milestones that you conquer on the way. The … Continue reading Success is not Chasing a Dream