Conflict Management

A conflict is a disagreement, discord, difference of opinion or clash of ideas. Conflict arises due to the non-acceptance of the situation or the problem. The inability to recognise and accept the differences causes severe damage to professional and personal relations. There are various problems that arise out of unattended conflicts: Aggressive behaviour Heated arguments … Continue reading Conflict Management


मछली का झोल और प्रशंसा के दो बोल

किसी इन्सान की बुराईयों या कमियों में अच्छाई या गुण देखना भी अपने आप में एक अनूठा गुण है। मैंने पापा को देखा छोटी-छोटी बातों में प्रोत्साहन देते हुए, बड़ी _बड़ी गल्तियों को क्षमा करते हुए; साधारण सी कविता का गुणगान करते हुए, मामूली से चित्र की आड़ी तिरछी लकीरों की बेवजह ही सराहना करते हुए। अच्छा लगता है, कुछ करने का, कर दिखाने का ख्वाब सच्चा लगता है।

How Communication Networks Determine the Work Environment?

Communication Networks in offices or organisations govern and define the Work environment. The work culture stems out of the manner in which the information is shared and exchanged. What purpose does communication serve in an organisation? We frequently observe the following functions of communication: 1. Efficient planning 2. Sharing information 3. Training and development 4. … Continue reading How Communication Networks Determine the Work Environment?

How Language Affects Organisational Behaviour

Language is a cultural construct. It stems out of the necessity to express oneself and share thoughts among people. Language is an abstract and creative representation of human ideas. It is the means to connect to people around you and to your surroundings. Language when used positively leaves a positive impression on the listener. Language … Continue reading How Language Affects Organisational Behaviour

How Silence Becomes a Powerful Non-Verbal Tool of Communication?

Silence speaks when words fall short. Silence uses neither words, nor sounds or syllables. Yet it acts as a subtle means of communication. It is both strength and weakness. This article is about the mysterious power of silence. It attempts to explore how silence empowers one to communicate at a deeper level of communication where even words fail. Let us unravel the hidden force of silence.

Some Annoying Non-Verbal Actions that You Should Always Avoid

People do frame opinions about you based on your non-verbal communication. It is upto you that how you want your public image to be framed. Do you wish to be recognised as a sensible, sensitive, responsible and intelligent individual or you wish to appear as an irresponsible, unpleasant, insensitive and foolish person? The choice is yours. Remember image and reputation management is a necessary marketing strategy in todays competitive environment.


Non-Verbal Communication 

If words are the basic unit of a dialogue, the aspects of non -verbal communication are the supporting pillars that impart value to the process of communication.  There are twofold benefits of Non-verbal communication.First, it helps the sender to communicate effectively,second it offers significant information to the observant receiver about the sender's intent and potential. Non-verbal communication performs five important functions in the process of communication: 1. Helps to reinforce the spoken or written words 2. Helps to regulate the flow of communication 3. Helps the receiver to retain information

प्लेटफार्म पर इंतज़ार 

माथे पर नहीं थी कोइ शिकंज, ना मुख पर उलझन, कदम तेज़ थे, जोश अनोखा, आँखों में चमक नई थी, चहक रही वो जैसे मन ही मन, कुछ सपने बुनती डोल रही थी। आई सवारी, तब उठा समान बिन बोले ही बोल रही थी । झटपट द्वार किए बन्द,  स्काईबैग को तब रोशन ने उठाया, … Continue reading प्लेटफार्म पर इंतज़ार 

How to Draft a Perfect Professional Resume?

How and what words you use to write your resume´is consequential. Based on a career builder survey hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less on reviewing resumes. This means each word you use would be indicative of something and the hiring manager would interpret it according to its verbal strength and purposefulness. So how to draft a resume to make an impression on the reader?