Intra – cultural Communication

Communication is governed by cultural factors like shared values, believes, personal faith, attitudes and group behaviour. So while working in a multicultural environment, observation, understanding and decoding of non-verbal cues becomes more important to achieve success in communication. Undermining cultural context can send wrong messages to the audience. Your good intentions can be overshadowed by … Continue reading Intra – cultural Communication

Self Motivation and Intrapersonal Communication:

Communication is both Intrapersonal and Extra personal. Intrapersonal communication is an act of communicating with oneself. It is like connecting to one's mind and connecting to one's soul. We are surrounded by multiple external voices. We talk, we discuss, we argue, we listen, we respond to all sources of external communication. What remains neglected is … Continue reading Self Motivation and Intrapersonal Communication:

Conflict Management

A conflict is a disagreement, discord, difference of opinion or clash of ideas. Conflict arises due to the non-acceptance of the situation or the problem. The inability to recognise and accept the differences causes severe damage to professional and personal relations. There are various problems that arise out of unattended conflicts: Aggressive behaviour Heated arguments … Continue reading Conflict Management


मछली का झोल और प्रशंसा के दो बोल

किसी इन्सान की बुराईयों या कमियों में अच्छाई या गुण देखना भी अपने आप में एक अनूठा गुण है। मैंने पापा को देखा छोटी-छोटी बातों में प्रोत्साहन देते हुए, बड़ी _बड़ी गल्तियों को क्षमा करते हुए; साधारण सी कविता का गुणगान करते हुए, मामूली से चित्र की आड़ी तिरछी लकीरों की बेवजह ही सराहना करते हुए। अच्छा लगता है, कुछ करने का, कर दिखाने का ख्वाब सच्चा लगता है।

How Communication Networks Determine the Work Environment?

Communication Networks in offices or organisations govern and define the Work environment. The work culture stems out of the manner in which the information is shared and exchanged. What purpose does communication serve in an organisation? We frequently observe the following functions of communication: 1. Efficient planning 2. Sharing information 3. Training and development 4. … Continue reading How Communication Networks Determine the Work Environment?