Shifting Paradigms: How Compassion can be More Rewarding than Empathy in Leadership Communication ?

Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. Dalai LamaXIV, The Art of Happiness "Listen with empathy but lead with compassion."Garima Jha Empathy of late has become a buzzword in leadership communication as well as in parenting and teaching behaviour. We are being taught relentlessly to practice empathy. Empathy is a … Continue reading Shifting Paradigms: How Compassion can be More Rewarding than Empathy in Leadership Communication ?

What it takes to be a Successful Leader?

A leader braves the darkness to illuminate the path of his team members - -------------- Garima Jha Leading a team is not easy. According to a study published by GALLUP a Washington based analytics and advisory company, about 24% of the employees are actively disengaged as a result of poor management leading to poor performance … Continue reading What it takes to be a Successful Leader?

How to Build Strong Business Relationships

Trust generates trust. Trust is mutual. Believe in people, in their capacities. their potential, their efficiency.  Never try to take advantage of their vulnerability. Today they are weak, tomorrow they may not be.  Nurturing relationships whether professional or personal is based on consistency, reliability and concern. It is easy to make new contacts but it is difficult to hold and retain them. Relationships should not be taken for granted.

What then is the True Purpose of Education ?

Let your students take initiatives, allow them to commit mistakes, mistakes make them wise that is what we mean when we preach, "Mistakes are the stepping stones to success". Let them take the ownership, inspire them to let loose their creativity. Children are creative, help them to exploit their potential, empower them to express their talent, groom them to become self_reliant and independent. Is it not the aim of teaching? If we fail to motivate our students then the very purpose of teaching _learning process is defeated.

Speak With Conviction, Lead with Confidence

If you are honest in your conversation, you will reciprocate an honest feedback. If you pretend, you will not sound convincing and subsequently loose your credibility. If your non-verbal cues match with your spoken words they impart clarity and trust to your words. People read your thoughts and judge you by your behavior and attitude. What they see is more important to them than what that they hear. Great communicators never overlook the emotions and feelings of their audience. They value the power of non-verbal communication and implement it in their speech and action. This helps them to  be popular among both the elite and the masses.