How Communication Networks Determine the Work Environment?

Communication Networks in offices or organisations govern and define the Work environment. The work culture stems out of the manner in which the information is shared and exchanged. What purpose does communication serve in an organisation? We frequently observe the following functions of communication: 1. Efficient planning 2. Sharing information 3. Training and development 4. … Continue reading How Communication Networks Determine the Work Environment?

How Language Affects Organisational Behaviour

Language is a cultural construct. It stems out of the necessity to express oneself and share thoughts among people. Language is an abstract and creative representation of human ideas. It is the means to connect to people around you and to your surroundings. Language when used positively leaves a positive impression on the listener. Language … Continue reading How Language Affects Organisational Behaviour

प्लेटफार्म पर इंतज़ार 

माथे पर नहीं थी कोइ शिकंज, ना मुख पर उलझन, कदम तेज़ थे, जोश अनोखा, आँखों में चमक नई थी, चहक रही वो जैसे मन ही मन, कुछ सपने बुनती डोल रही थी। आई सवारी, तब उठा समान बिन बोले ही बोल रही थी । झटपट द्वार किए बन्द,  स्काईबैग को तब रोशन ने उठाया, … Continue reading प्लेटफार्म पर इंतज़ार 

How to Draft a Perfect Professional Resume?

How and what words you use to write your resume´is consequential. Based on a career builder survey hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less on reviewing resumes. This means each word you use would be indicative of something and the hiring manager would interpret it according to its verbal strength and purposefulness. So how to draft a resume to make an impression on the reader?

Why We Need to Look Beyond the Virtual to Appreciate the Real World


A generation solely reliant on technology is trained to work with machines and live with technology. The experience of knowing, learning and feeling the real world is somewhere compromised with the virtual world created by this digital age. We chat with our own parents or siblings through social media platforms or networking sites while living under the same roof. We are quick to respond to Facebook posts and Twitters more promptly than to real people around us. We travel, dine or socialise to click more 'Selfies' than to spent quality time with our family or friends. Name it any place, private or public , the intruder is always present and it is none other than the technology.

Perfect Elevator Pitch to Introduce Yourself in an Interview

Merit in an Interview is essentially your ability to convince the interview board about your potential and skills based on your education/experience and facts quoted on your resume'. It is the art of persuading the recruiters to believe in you and your abilities.  It is interesting to review a few points in this context.

How Not to Write Business Messages

Business messages play a significant role in stimulating the work environment. They are that underlying pillar of communication which can help develop a strong bond between the team members, clients, business partners and stake holders. Unfortunately written communication is not taken seriously by most employees. Consequently, everyday we come across shabbily written emails, hurriedly composed messages, grammatically incorrect sentences, unformatted documents and business letters without greetings or proper salutations. Such poorly written business messages are both costly and disasterous to the business. They might lead to grave misunderstanding among the involved parties or delay or damage the intended outcome.

What the Recruiters Look for in an Interview : Facts Every Candidate Should Know

Interview is a formal interaction between job recruiters and job seekers. Though formal it focuses on the personal traits, qualifications and skills of an individual. It is therefore also called a Personal Interview. Personal Interview broadly examines the suitability of an individual to play a specific role in an organisation and perform a set of … Continue reading What the Recruiters Look for in an Interview : Facts Every Candidate Should Know

Waiting for Rampal: A Leaf from the Past

Sitting in a coffee house, waiting for a business client, I was finding it difficult to stay calm. I was forced to meditate on the nature of 'wait' and how 'waiting' impacts the human mind. As I kept ruminating, my thoughts unconsciously led me to the time when I was still a young child. I traversed back in time, dived into my past and became completely oblivious of my present 'wait'.

How to Build Strong Business Relationships

Trust generates trust. Trust is mutual. Believe in people, in their capacities. their potential, their efficiency.  Never try to take advantage of their vulnerability. Today they are weak, tomorrow they may not be.  Nurturing relationships whether professional or personal is based on consistency, reliability and concern. It is easy to make new contacts but it is difficult to hold and retain them. Relationships should not be taken for granted.