Communication, Psychology and Posture Training

Posture is the key to your personality. Your manner of standing or sitting is a symbol of your confidence, social intelligence, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Posture makes an impression on the audience even before you communicate your message verbally. Perhaps this is the reason why posture training is embedded in the training programmes of … Continue reading Communication, Psychology and Posture Training

Shifting Paradigms: How Compassion can be More Rewarding than Empathy in Leadership Communication ?

Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. Dalai LamaXIV, The Art of Happiness "Listen with empathy but lead with compassion."Garima Jha Empathy of late has become a buzzword in leadership communication as well as in parenting and teaching behaviour. We are being taught relentlessly to practice empathy. Empathy is a … Continue reading Shifting Paradigms: How Compassion can be More Rewarding than Empathy in Leadership Communication ?

How Perception Acts as a Barrier in Communication

Create a bridge of understanding to overcome Barriers in Communication ---------------------------- Garima Jha Communication is not just a process of sharing messages but also ensuring that the message is understood by the recipient. There will always be gaps in understanding because each person has a distinct ability to understand the meaning. This ability based on … Continue reading How Perception Acts as a Barrier in Communication

What is Business Communication?

Language is almost as old as human existence. Language keeps evolving along with the changes in social and cultural components of human life. The present world is driven by Business, trade and technology. The language of business is different from the language of day to day life. Therefore, it is important to familiarise oneself with … Continue reading What is Business Communication?

How to Draft a Perfect Professional Resume?

How and what words you use to write your resume´is consequential. Based on a career builder survey hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less on reviewing resumes. This means each word you use would be indicative of something and the hiring manager would interpret it according to its verbal strength and purposefulness. So how to draft a resume to make an impression on the reader?

How Not to Write Business Messages

Business messages play a significant role in stimulating the work environment. They are that underlying pillar of communication which can help develop a strong bond between the team members, clients, business partners and stake holders. Unfortunately written communication is not taken seriously by most employees. Consequently, everyday we come across shabbily written emails, hurriedly composed messages, grammatically incorrect sentences, unformatted documents and business letters without greetings or proper salutations. Such poorly written business messages are both costly and disasterous to the business. They might lead to grave misunderstanding among the involved parties or delay or damage the intended outcome.

Are You Listening?

 People speak because they trust you. People speak to share their ideas, express their opinion. They value you as a listener. It is our responsibility to value them as speakers. Do not break their trust. Do not show distrust. Listen to people with open mind and see the change you  will experience in your communication. Be a valuable listener. You will always be in demand.