Why Leading with Emotional Intelligence is the Mark of a True Leader

People need love, support and respect. Help them, understand them and they will start understanding You How you make your employees feel at work place is the true assessment of your skills as a leader. Emotional well- being of the employees is often under-rated in work-place culture. However employers often overlook the fact that if … Continue reading Why Leading with Emotional Intelligence is the Mark of a True Leader

Leadership Goals: Myth and Perception

Leadership is not about controlling and micromanaging people. It is more about bringing out the best in them by understanding them, knowing them, allowing them to grow and evolve. This is possible only when a leader overcomes perception and views his people as they are not as he wants them to be. Listen to the … Continue reading Leadership Goals: Myth and Perception

Speak With Conviction, Lead with Confidence

If you are honest in your conversation, you will reciprocate an honest feedback. If you pretend, you will not sound convincing and subsequently loose your credibility. If your non-verbal cues match with your spoken words they impart clarity and trust to your words. People read your thoughts and judge you by your behavior and attitude. What they see is more important to them than what that they hear. Great communicators never overlook the emotions and feelings of their audience. They value the power of non-verbal communication and implement it in their speech and action. This helps them to  be popular among both the elite and the masses.